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Nov 3, 2014

Veg Thai Red Curry with Brown Rice

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Yet another Thai recipe! Well, its no news that I love Thai food, right? :) So does the husband, so it’s a hit in our house anytime I make it, in any format.

Vegetarian Thai Red curry with Brown rice

I am aware of the fact that the husband likes Thai food only because it looks very much like the South Indian food, especially the Thai Red curry, which is why I make quite some stuff with Thai Red Curry paste as the base. Check out my Thai Red Curry Poha recipe here.

Oct 28, 2014

Sushi & Teppanyaki Festival at Syn Asian Grill & Bar

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Syn Asian Grill & Bar at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad is hosting an exclusive Sushi & Teppanyaki festival. Yours truly and Arundati got an opportunity to taste some of the items on this menu. Here is a detailed account of what I had, and how my taste buds reacted as I was eating each of those :-)

Asparagus Tempura Maki

It’s a known fact that am a vegetarian, so Sushi for a vegetarian is something many people don’t understand, with all fair reason. Authentic Sushi is supposed to be sea-food , but I’ve discovered a couple of years ago that some innovative Chefs have vegetarianized this wonderful dish. We still get to eat the hand-made sushi-styled rice roll, with a different filling , wasabi and soya sauce. And with all the different varieties of Sushi I’ve had the opportunity to eat, I can safely say that there are quite a lot of varieties for us to sample, and treat our taste buds to. The sheer no. of different sushis possible even with veggies is mind-boggling, and is a good exercise for those of us , enthusiastic home-chefs to try at our homes too.

Oct 27, 2014

Street-style Chinese noodles

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Its not news to readers of this blog that I do not cook Chinese. But the husband does.

How to make slightly-healthy street-style Chinese noodles

I don’t like Chinese food, even the one odd Manchurians. I, obviously didn’t try Chinese food during my stay in Hong Kong, thanks to the Oyster sauce they add always. The only place where I enjoyed Chinese food that I can think of so far was in InChin Bamboo Garden in Redmond, Washington, and that probably was because it was very spicy and Indian-ized.