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Mar 28, 2015

Rivaayat, a revival

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That is the theme of the food festival running at Kanak, Trident Hotels, Hyderabad. This is a revival of traditional recipes and styles of cooking, intended to take you on a trip down the memory lane, to remind you of the food cooked in your family kitchen. That’s how I felt as I was sampling some dishes here.

Rivaayat, Trident Hotels Rivaayat, Trident Hotels

One thing that I always notice at 5-star restaurants or food festivals is how vegetarian food is taken for granted. There are just one or two dishes in the menu for vegetarians, and almost of them are either corn or paneer based. One of the main reasons I stopped enjoying food in restaurants around Hyderabad is that I stopped finding stuff that interested me, stuff that I’d love to eat and lick my fingers after eating. Well, I had that experience here, at Kanak.

Feb 10, 2015

High-Tea at Vivanta by Taj, Hyderabad

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Vivanta by Taj, Hyderabad has started a new high-tea buffet at The Grill, every evening. This menu boasts an array of dishes , some native to Hyderabad, and some staying true to the British High-Tea dishes.

Tea, Indian, Irani ChaiMenu

The Irani chai here stays true to the Hyderabadi style of tea, milky and sweet. This goes along well with the spread of petite bites of sandwiches and ├ęclairs. The restaurant also boasts of a wide spread in teas, for the tea-lovers.

MenuPetite Bites

Feb 7, 2015

Khasa Dastarkhwan at Kanak, Trident Hyderabad

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A Mughlai Culinary Experience was what we got at Kanak, Trident Hyderabad, where myself and my friend, Arundati of Escapades fame had the opportunity to dine. We were there to taste the fare the restaurant presented for Khasa Dastarkhwan, which ended on Jan 28, 2015.

Trident, KanakTrident, Hyderabad

Trident, KanakIMG_8934

Worry not, am told most of the dishes that were made especially for this food festival are going to be on the menu, so there is hope for all of us to taste this awesome food again!