Apr 30, 2016

Five Morsels of Love - A Review

Before we proceed into the post, here is a spoiler - I absolutely loved the book, Five Morsels of Love, from all perspectives - as a book lover, food blogger, food lover and a cooking enthusiast.  

I loved how brilliant the book feels in my hand - the weight, the texture of the paper, the fine details in the book's styling, everything is brilliant. This book feels like a true book-lover's dream come true. Really.  

Five Morsels of Love by Archana Pidathala
Five Morsels of Love

Five Morsels of Love by Archana Pidathala
Five Morsels of Love by Archana Pidathala

The fabric cover of the book sets the tone of the book. It makes you feel right at home with what the book is about. The words from the first page, with the photographs of the author, the subject and a few other family photos make you feel this is a book about family, and food.  

Apr 11, 2016

Allam Pachadi

Ah, that quintessential Telugu pachadi, that makes everyone's mouth water. I cannot eat Pesarattu without Allam Pachadi, and I know many others in the family who love it to bits.


Apr 10, 2016

Cauliflower greens soup

 It always looked like such a waste... throwing away all those greens that come with the cauliflower head. I knew they had to be healthy, but never knew how to cook them.
A quick internet search landed me at this page, which inspired me to go make this soup.